jay jay johanson (johnhughes) wrote in bcmusic,
jay jay johanson

show this Saturday!

Hi everyone. This is Skip from Beauty's Confusion. Just wanted to let everyone know that Jenna and I are doing a mellow/acoustic/semi-electronic show at the Sweet Bean Cafe (Sam's Plaza in Ft. Myers-- across from Page Field) this Saturday... it's all ages, tickets are $8 (or $8 at the door, day of show), and the show starts about 8pm. Also playing are Glenn Kidd, and the Coffeepots. We're playing last. Hope all of you can make it. We're going to shoot some video of the show, just for fun... should be a great show. It's a cool, intimate place to play... one of the better venues (and basically one of the only) in Ft. Myers.

We are also doing a full show (with Joel) at CD Warehouse in Ft. Myers, on Sunday night September 21st. Show starts around 7pm, and a great Gainesville band Daughters Of The Revolution will be playing also. I'm pretty sure we are the only two bands, but there could be another one added last minute. That show is also all ages, and $3.00.

Have a great week everyone!

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